"My Little girl absolutely loves Quackers! Ami is great with the little ones and full of energy, and there is a variation of activities each time. The puppets,toys and instruments are of really good quality and she links stories and songs to them really well."-  Karen L

"My 3 year old Loves Quackers. He has so much fun dancing around and learning new songs and rhythms. Ami has such a great voice, I could listen to her sing all day, even if it is only nursery  rhymes!" - Julia C

My four year old twins love Quackers! They follow Ami around the class and hang on her every (beautifully sung) word. They love musicals and get so excited when they recognise a number from Mary Poppins or Sound of Music. We also booked Ami for 'Go Quackers' birthday party, and she managed to not only entertain but also keep the attention of over 40 children. Genius! Highly recommend!- Fay S

Since starting taking Noah to Quackers 2 months ago, every week he is more involved, outgoing and vocal! When I sing the songs to him, he laughs and remembers the actions at home. He's on his feet for the whole class so it's also a great form of exercise for him and the interaction with the other children is great. His favourite is the great selection of musical instruments he can play with as loud as he likes....and if course the duckies! - Claire R

Ami provided entertainment at my daughter's 5th birthday party and all of the 30 or so children (and adults) were absolutely delighted.  After attending many parties with often the same style of entertainer, it was wonderful to see Ami's fun, energetic and delightful approach.  She obviously loves children and this is demonstrated by the thought that has gone into the planning - songs, puppets, dancing, a craft table, good pop music and last but not least, making the birthday girl feel special.  Everything was thought of, she was completely flexible and open to ideas and I didn't have to worry about a thing.  The children, of all ages, were entranced and all joined in, but were free to whiz off for a bounce on the castle if they wanted.  Ami didn't seem to stop to catch a breath, at one point ending upside down on the castle with a bunch of children on top.  I can honestly say that she is the best entertainer I have seen at a child's party.  I would absolutely recommend her. - Samantha P

My 3 yr old daughter Martha loves Quackers so much that she wants to be Ami when she grows up! I kid you not. She does a full Quackers class for all her teds and dolls, word for word. Ami is truly engaging and has such a wonderful voice. If Martha ever grows out of it (doubtful) I am still going to have to go to get my fix. Keep it up lovely Quackers, Mondays and Thursdays would not be the same without you xx - Kate B

Not really sure I want to give quackers an amazing review as it's already so popular. Ami has a great voice and is great with the children. Of course my son (2 years old) loves going to music class (as he calls it). We have to sing dingle dangle scarecrow and animal fair every day at home. His favourite part of class is the instruments, or the bubbles, or the parachute and ducks, or the raisins at the end... I would recommend any one with toddlers or babies go to this class. My daughter has now started taking an interest at 4 months. - Michelle J

Brilliant interactive fun , music , singing and puppet session , an excellent way of including children who are a little shy or reticent. Ami the lady who runs the session is very good at gauging whether a child is up to participating or not and will gradually make the children feel comfortable enough to join in of their own accord. Good value for money and includes a snack packet of raisins at the and which is nice touch - Sally D